RAID Introduced in TOLE - Buea 08 06 23

Vision: "Ending poverty through sustainable food systems."


Empowering small-scale farmers to increase income and escape poverty through sustainable and productive agriculture.

Overall Goal:

Empowering small-scale farmers through modernization, boost food security, combat climate change, and end poverty.

The current wave of internal displacement, emigration from Cameroon and Africa reflects a lack of opportunity and insecurity particularly in rural areas.

This initiative aims to contribute in mitigating exodus by improving the profitability of small-scale farming, thus encourages rural struggling masses of grassroots women, youths and other minorities to stay engaged in agriculture as well as attracts urban struggling and diaspora population masses back to their communities.

This initiative will contribute in mitigating the emigration crisis of Cameroonians in particular and Africans in general, escaping from the continent as a result of limited opportunities.

It will retard rural exodus while encouraging the youths stock in the urban areas or in the diaspora to return to the villages and engage in profitable agriculture.

It is widely accepted that agribusiness is the key to transforming African economies.

Building Together: RAID Empowers Your Farming Future

For generations, Cameroonian families have nurtured the land, growing food that sustains our communities. But the challenges are real: limited resources, outdated practices, and unfair market access can hold us back.

At RAID, we believe in your strength and potential. That's why we're here, not as outsiders, but as partners in progress. RAID is your Agri-Business Initiative, designed to support and empower farmers like you by tackling these challenges head-on.


• Modernizing your farm with improved seeds, innovative techniques, and reliable tools.

• Strengthening your skills through practical training on everything from business management to crop rotation and greenhouse cultivation.

• Accessing loans and fair market opportunities to build a thriving farm income.

• Joining forces with your neighbors to collectively overcome obstacles and share success.

It's time to rewrite the narrative. Instead of focusing on limitations, let's spotlight your resilience and resourcefulness. RAID is here to equip you with the knowledge, resources, and connections you need to turn your passion for farming into a bright future.

We may not all be farmers, but everyone eats food. By supporting RAID, you're not just investing in individual farms, you're investing in the strength and prosperity of our entire community.